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 Picking out a custom trailer should be an easy and accessible experience. To help you along in your way to finding your perfect trailer, we have included some optional add-ons that enhance the look and functionality of your custom built trailer​.

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Deck over rap.jpg
Wod ramps.jpg

Ramps are an essential add-on for any type of car trailer or equipment utility trailer. Our ramps are built from solid steel and are made to resist bending and breakage from standard vehicles.

D rings.jpg

D-Rings are one of our sleekest looking and most utilized add-on. D-rings are our most requested extras, and for good reason! D-rings are essential for safe DOT load securement and movement of materials.

Sides Trailer.jpg

Sides are an affordable and safe load option for utility and equipment trailers. They provide standardized load securement as well as an easy containment for a variety of materials.

Our sides come open (as shown above) or full sides which have your choice of metal option to cover the sides for a more full containment.


Tailgates are our solution to load securement and vehicle loading! If you're looking for a lighter duty equipment trailer, or a multi-use utility trailer that may need a little extra securement, a trailer tailgate is the perfect option for you! Though we do not recommend a tailgate for a full sized car or larger equipment vehicle, tailgates are perfect for small tractor mowers and small equipment.

DOT Safety Tape
DOT tape.jpg

If you're using your trailer for work, or even for safety and style, DOT safety tape is a must! We use the highest end safety tape for quality and safety purposes.

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