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Final Customizations

So you have your deck, head rack, and back drop picked out, now what? Well, that's where our final customizations category comes in! Here is where you get to pick out all of the optional bells and whistles before you put in your flatbed order! Let's check 'em out!

Stake Pockets and Rub Rail
Stake Pocket.png

99% of all of the beds that leave our shop have stake pockets and rub rail. Even though this is an optional addition, if you are planning to attach anything to your flatbed that you are not going to bolt down, we highly recommend you have the rub rail and stake pockets to strap down any additions to your bed.

Dump Truck Beds
dump 6.jpg
dump 5.jpg
Wood dump.jpg
dump 4.jpg
Dump 1.png
Dump 2.png

Yes, we make dump beds too! Our dump truck beds come in any size you need them to, with the hydraulic lift and safety equipment standard. Our dump bodies can come as full flatbeds (pictured above) or we can add drop down sides as well (our optional sides are shown below).

Drop-Down Sides
Drop Down Sides.png
Drop Down 2.png
Drop Down 3.jpg

We offer drop-down sides for all of our flatbed options, including dump beds! All of our drop -down sides come with heavy duty hinges and spring-loaded handle latches for easy maneuvering. We also offer the option of standard non-movable sides with the drop down tailgate. Shown above in both flat plate and diamond plate steel finishes.

Wood Sides
Wood Sides.jpg

Our side options have no end with our wood side add-on! If you want removable sides that won't break the bank than the wood side is the perfect option for you! We make all of our wood sides from the same wood we use in our wood-deck beds and they fir perfectly in the stake pockets of your bed. Our wood side options include full wood sides (pictured above on side of truck), or removable half wood sides (pictured above in rear of truck).

Ladder Racks
Flat Stock w ladder rack.png
dump 7.jpg

Another option you can have is a ladder rack. We can fabricate any size ladder rack that you might need for any size job. Like the bed shown above, we can even extend the ladder rack over the cab of your truck and add an optional expanded mesh insert for additional cab protection.

Goose Neck Holes & Hitches
Goose Neck.png
Goose Neck 2.jpg

Have a goose-neck trailer or fifth wheel camper at home? Not a problem, we can create and install a hitch and/or hitch hole! We attach a sturdy goose-neck hitch directly to your vehicle frame and build the bed around it for quick and easy access.

Multiple Color Choices
White Diamond Plate.png

While black is our standard offered flatbed color we have, and can, paint your flatbed in several desirable colors. We offer black, white, red, yellow, and green!

D-Ring Anchors

Not crazy about the stake pockets and rub rail? Not a problem! In lieu of, or in addition to if you'd like, stake pockets we offer securely welded on D-ring anchors to strap down any loads onto your bed.

Frame De-Scaling and Coating
Frame Fnishing.png

What is a flatbed without the truck to put it on? Your truck frame is the base for everything that we do, why not have it cleaned, protected, and sealed right here on-site before you leave? We offer rust de-scaling and a waterproof, weatherproof frame coating to keep your truck running as long as you do.

Want it delivered?

In addition to offering custom installs at our shop location in Stony Creek, NY, we also offer the option of delivery for a low additional cost! Our deliveries come with your custom bed, a DIY install kit, and instructions on how to properly install your bed yourself!

Call us to find out more!

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