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Let us introduce you to our tried and true, one of a kind, twenty years in the making, perfectly personalized program, Fleetcare.


Fleetcare involves one of the most important parts of maintaining your fleet, preventative maintenance. Services are performed at 400 hours or every 10 weeks on site at your location. The services include; lubrication of all fittings including booms, oil change, change of oil filter, fuel filter, fuel water separator injector cleaning, a check of the batteries, check of the charging and starting system, a check for any leaks, a check of the belts, hoses, tire pressure, clutch, brakes, and a  check of the overall condition of the equipment. We complete these and asses to make sure your fleet is regulated, legal, but most importantly, safe.

Check out our Victory Lane Customs Fleet Services Fleetcare check sheet below to see what PM's are made of!


Keeping up with your fleet doesn't just mean keeping your trucks up and running, it also means making sure that your other equipment can keep up! We offer PM servicing for trailers, chippers, and off-road equipment vehicles too. Services on trailers and other equipment are performed five times a year or every ten weeks (every 300 hrs for chippers). This service includes: brake check, brake adjustment, check of tires, check of straps, check of the overall condition of the trailer, bearing grease or hub oil, oil and filter changes for off road vehicles and chippers, and an FMCSA DOT inspection if necessary or within three months of expiration.


We are certified to fully inspect all commercial vehicles and equipment that fall under FMSCA guidelines for DOT inspections. We are also New York State certified to perform heavy duty inspections.


When we say that our Fleetcare program is tried and tested, we definitely mean it! Over the years we have fostered many positive working relationships with people in many different companies based on our positive work ethic and our unique and thorough Fleetcare program. Here is an email sent to us from a very pleased GF about our Fleetcare program.


We offer a variety of on-site repairs to suit whatever you need. Our truck is fully stocked with parts, tools, and supplies to repair any problems your fleet might face. We also offer emergency and storm repair service at any time of day or night.

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