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Head Rack Options

Now that you've seen our deck options it's time to see our head rack options. Head racks in themselves are an optional add-on. If you are trying to keep costs down you may choose to opt out of a head rack or you can choose a more standardized option to protect your truck. If you're using your truck for work or using it for personal use we also have head rack options for stability and personalization!

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Standard Cab.png
Standard Cab Protector

Each of our head racks starts with a standard cab protector. Each cab protector is built of flat plate steel or diamond plate steel and they cover the length of the cab of the truck to the rear window. You can choose to stop with just the cab protector, or you can expand into a head rack with glass protector options (shown below).

Glass Protector Options
D1 Standard Headrack.png
D1 Glass Protector

The D1 glass protector is our best selling glass protector model. It features a cab-high frame with an expandable mesh protective layer.

D3 Headrack.png
D3 Glass Protector

This D3 glass protector (shown here with optional lights and color) is a split glass protector, meaning there is a right and left side made from your choice of flat plate steel, or diamond plate steel. and the middle section is left open for clearer viewing and safety.

Louver Headrack.png
D2 Glass Protector

Our D2 glass protector model is more sleek and standard in looks, but boasts the same protective steel to keep your cab safe. Two steel dowels hold the 2" wide louver bars in place for easier visibility.

D4 Glass Protector

The D4 glass protector is just like our D3, a split glass protector with the right and left side, but instead of the solid steel sides, our D4 has expanded mesh or louvers (see D2) for a better viewing experience while the middle section is left open for clearer viewing and safety.

American Headrack.png
All American Glass Protector

Show off your patriotic spirit with our All American glass protector! Everything you see comes standard with the All American. The flag is hand cut steel decorated with the 50 stars or our nation!

Additional Lighting Options
Light Rack Option.png

All of our finished head rack options come with the additional option of lighting up on top. As y saw above, some of our head racks come standard with excess lighting, and some can have lighting added.

See something you'd like to add or change?

Give us a call and we can customize any of our beds into something you'll love, and if you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, we'll build you something new!

So you have your deck and your head rack, now what?

Now you need to get a back drop and any final customizations you may want!

Check them out below!

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