Back Drop Options

Flatbed back drops are some of the most customizable parts of a flatbed. You have the options of steps, recessed lighting and/or plates, extra marker lights, the list goes on. As with head racks, back drops are a fully optional addition to a basic flatbed. We have a wide variety of back drops that can be made from the steel of your choice. Please remember that all back drops are fully customizable so if you see one that you like but would want to tweak or add something, do not hesitate to ask when you call for a price quote!

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The Standard Back Drop

Our Standard backdrop is the go-to for a quick and inexpensive way to finish your flatbed off and make it look sleek and professional. Made from the steel of your choice (diamond plate shown) it comes standard with brake/turning signal lights, backup lights, license plate light, plate mounting hardware, and two red marker lights.

The E1 Back Drop

The E1 back drop is our best selling back drop option. Exclusive to Victory Lane Customs, the E1 is the premier back drop. Made from the steel of your choice (diamond plate shown) it comes with recessed lighting and license plate, a step-bumper, brake/turn signal lights, backup lights, license plate mounting hardware, and red marker lights.

The E2 Back Drop

The E2 is a more standardized version of our E1 back drop. It totes all the same features as the ones above, brake/turn signal lights, backup lights, license plate mounting hardware, license plate light, and marker lights, but only your license plate is recessed. Made from your choice of steel (flat plate shown) it is fully customizable to your specifications.

The E3 Back Drop

Our E3 back drop is a standard drop-down back drop with a step. It comes with the standard brake/urn signal lights, backup lights, license plate light and mounting hardware, the two red marker lights, and made from the steel of your choice (flat plate  and diamond plate shown). The special addition to the E3 is our step that goes the entire length of the backdrop.

No Back Drop

Don't want a backdrop? No problem! We make basic style beds that include all the lighting you need built right in! (Shown in first picture)

Some styles, like our dump units, cannot support a standard back drop and therefore needs all the standards built in in a way that will work for you. (Shown above in second picture)

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