Custom Flatbeds to fit every need

Victory Lane Customs Fleet Services is proud to present our new Custom Flatbed Division!

Short beds, long beds, dump beds and more are custom built to your specifications and your lifestyle. Our master welders build to suit not only your needs but your personal style as well.

We also offer chassis repair, trailer and dump trailer repair!

Check out some of our options below!

Bed Deck Options

Before you add all of the extras to your bed, you should start with your base. We come with four standard flatbed deck options.

Wood Deck Bed

Pressure treated wood decking has more give than our other deck options, is weather resistant, and is the most cost-friendly deck option.

Diamond Plate Deck Bed

The diamond plate decking is our most popular steel-deck option. Its sleek design flows nicely, and the textured steel holds the weight and stands tough.

TREX Deck Bed

TREX Decking is weatherproof and sturdy for outdoor work. We offer a TREX decking bed option which looks very similar to our pressure treated wood deck option.

Flat Plate Deck Bed

Flat plate steel is one of our sturdiest and nicest looking options we have available.

Have your deck option picked?

Excellent! Make sure to check out all of your other Flatbed options below!

See something you'd like to add or change?


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From vehicle repairs, to auto body work, to diesel and fleet equipment servicing and repair, our mechanics and technicians have the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time.


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- Fleet PM's and Repairs

- Oil and Break Checks

- Breakdown Services

-Tire Change

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- Fluid Film Application

- Custom Flatbed Building

- Custom Trailer Building & Registration


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