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Viruses are scary, PermaSafe takes away that fear, permanently.

The PermaSafe disinfecting and protection system is made up of two parts, step one which is PermaSafe CLEAN, and step two, PermaSafe SHIELD.

Let's take a look at Step One, PermaSafe CLEAN:

PermaSafe CLEAN is a powerful, proprietary, no-rinse, no-wipe, one-step, all-
purpose “cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant and anti-allergen” that is fogged onto a vehicle’s

passenger cabin surfaces and throughout its HVAC system and trunk to sanitize, deodorize,
disinfect and “prime” such areas for, and help ensure a permanent bond with, a subsequent
application of PermaSafe SHIELD.

Now that we've learned all about PermaSafe CLEAN, let's learn about PermaSafe SHIELD:

Properly applied, PermaSafe CLEAN will leave a vehicle’s cabin and other treated surfaces virtually spotless and germ/microbe free. Notably, as with all disinfectants, PermaSafe CLEAN’s antimicrobial properties begin to dissipate almost as soon as it dries. It is this lack of residual protection that has, to date, made it all but impossible to protect a motor vehicle, or its passengers, from harmful microbes. However, unlike with any other antimicrobial treatment, this initial sanitizing is not the only step in our installation protocol. Instead, it is merely Step 1 of our complete Long Term Microbial Control System, and performed not only to clean and disinfect, but also to “prime” such surfaces to help ensure a permanent bond with the subsequent application of PermaSafe SHIELD.

PermaSafe SHIELD is an EPA approved Antimicrobial Surface Coating and Protectant that kills up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and other harmful microbes that come in contact with it. What is most unique is it achieves these results solely through a patented physical or “mechanical” process, without the use of any chemicals.

Another remarkable characteristic of PermaSafe SHIELD is its durability. Upon application, PermaSafe SHIELD creates a molecular or “covalent” bond with the surface to which it is applied. A covalent bond is the strongest of all chemical bonds and occurs when pairs of electrons are shared by atoms of two different materials. Through this chemical reaction, PermaSafe SHIELD effectively becomes an integral and permanent part of the treated surface, and will not dissipate or wash off.

More than just a unique antimicrobial, PermaSafe SHIELD is also a highly durable surface protectant that repels liquids, making treated areas easy to clean and resistant to stains, and protects interior upholstery, fabric and carpets from fading, degradation and discoloration.

Fleetcare is more than PM's and repairs, it's making sure that you and your crew are protected from any and all illnesses.

Victory Lane Customs Fleet Services is proud to present a state of the art disinfectant advancement at our competitive pricing.

$150.00 for bucket trucks and similar single -cab equipment.

$175.00 for crew-cab trucks, SUV's, and other full-size vehicles.

$150.00 for track equipment and side-by-sides.

$25.00 for office trailer and connex door handles

$25.00 for truck operator station, outrigger handles, cabinet door handles, and step handles, and hood latches.

All pricing for trucks and equipment include sanitation of exterior door handles.

Call to set up a fleet appointment at your location today!

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